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Need someone to oversee proper communication, collaboration and organization for your next construction project? You've landed on the right web page.

Pro-Tech Facility Services provides in-house project and construction management as and added service. there is no one better to effectively manage the logistics of your project. We do everything from start to finish, and make sure every collaborator is on the same page, while efficiently managing costs to fit the budget and work to fit the schedule.

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Meet With Diligent Project And Construction Managers

When you have a construction project of any kind, it is essential to have a hard-working construction manager by your side. Pro-Tech Facility Services will meet with you to discuss your project and go through every detail. We will ensure everything is in order to effectively initiate, plan, and guide the process.

Our project managers will take the pressure off your shoulders and handle every aspect of the construction for you. Once we've figured out the size of the project, we'll provide a free estimate. By enlisting our services, you'll save yourself the headache, time, and money in the long run.

Full-service Construction Project Management

Whether we're dealing with a small- or large-scale project, we provide a comprehensive project management service that oversees construction from beginning to end. We keep an eye out, so that you don't have to. And we report back to you with a progress summary so that you're kept in the loop. Our full-service construction management includes:

  • Collaborating with Engineers and Architects
  • Ensuring Designers, Developers, and Builder Meet Their Deadlines
  • Consulting Local Government Officials to Meet Regulations
  • Preparing Cost-Estimates, Timetables and Budgets
  • Explaining any Technical Information to Contractors
  • Providing On-Site Supervision
  • Addressing and Handling Emergencies, Work Delays, and Other Problems

Rest assured, we've designed our services to cover all the bases from beginning to end. We realize we have a lot of responsibility and we take pride in showing you an excellent level of organization, time management, and problem-solving.

The Professional Project Management Company In The Construction Industry

Our team has extensive experience managing commercial projects. We put all the pieces together in a way that ensures your project is moving forward smoothly and meeting all time constraints.

We have in-depth insider knowledge of how these projects should go, and we guarantee that you will receive the results you want. In addition to this, we'd be happy to connect you with any number of contractors and laborers to complete your project. We've made many trusted business relationships over the years and we have many hard-working teams to recommend.

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